Monday, 28 November 2011

Grubenhaus, part 4 - finished

The finished grubenhaus. First step was a layer of PVA and sharp sand on the groundwork, blended up close with the walls and roof. Next came a coat of panzer grey overall followed by the flock. I drybrushed with a variety of browns, greens and greys to taste, varied in weight as the tones got lighter. The final colours were off-grey across the building and an ochre-ish shade on the grass. A coat of Pledge Future to seal and Galeria matt varnish on top were the final steps, except for a touch of static grass close to the walls.

And again with a Black Tree ceorl to show the scale.

The same surly perisher on the other side, showing the door. 

The back wall, with no door.

Quick and easy to make, cheap, and pretty effective. Every game table should have one!