Friday, 14 June 2013

Sub-Roman Nobles

Here we have the nobles for my Dux Brit army. The backdrop might look vaguely familiar...

From the front...

...And facing the tower.

Here's Arthur. In white and purple, he looks every inch the warlord, with the hopes of his people, and his own expectations, hanging on his shoulders. The shield decal is an icon of the Virgin Mary, recalling Geoffrey of Monmouth's descriptions. The scale armour and oval shield help to mark him out as different. The oval shield has another reason behind it, too. A standard round shield totally hides his face, covering up all the work I did there!

 The warlord himself

 Here beside him is his nephew, Gawain, acting as champion and banner bearer. His shield carries the pentacle associated with Gawain, denoting the five knightly virtues. The banner is of course a late Roman Draco-type. What else? I might make a real, big, eye-candy banner at some time in the future, but for now this is enough.

The champion

Next comes Kai, Arthur's half-brother and seneschal, shown by his cross keys. Bluff, fierce and wily, Kai will, I suspect spend a lot of time controlling good quality troops as the strong heart of the army.

One noble

Finally, we have Bedwyr, Arthur's marshal, with his red hand shield overlaying the staurogram proclaiming his faith. What I really wanted with a figure of Bedwyr was to remove one hand, to really make him part of the old legends. Maybe in the future, I will revisit this. Bedwyr, I think, will get the questionable task of trying to keep together the levy. He will need every bit of strength and power he can muster!

And another, nobler still.

These all come from West Wind's armoured Sub-Roman spearmen pack. Lovely figures, these and I would recommend them. My only caveat is that my pack didn't contain many variants - In fact I think I've got about ten or twelve of one pose! Still, I like a bit of converting, don't I?

I confess to finding myself wishing I had waited just a fraction longer and gone with Musketeer Miniatures quite breathtaking Arthurian heros, but all in all, I'm happy with these.

These four will hold the line against Aelle. Watch out, Saxons. Albion may not fall as easily as you think!

Merry meet again!


  1. Great work on these! I especially like your attention to the different shield designs.

  2. Inspired work, love the shield...and the tower!

  3. Very nice, tower looks awesome too.

  4. These are amazing. such talent :o)