Friday, 9 September 2011

And now for something completely different…

These minis were produced (I think) by Grenadier Miniatures. I say “I think” because these are about 14 years old! I bought them back when I was playing White Wolf’s “Mage the Ascension”, and the cabal the characters belonged to were a band. I liked them a lot, and they reminded me of a time when I was a guitarist. I've recently discovered, however, that they are actually still available, from eM-4 Miniatures.

I found them in an old toolbox that I’d forgotten there were any modelling items in, and since I wanted a change, decided I’d paint them up. They're a classic rock lineup, with drummer, bassist, two guitars and a singer. All cool, and all armed to the teeth!

I’m pleased with the results, but I just wish I’d done them sooner – years sooner!  The Motorhead t-shirt on the guitarist in the red shorts, and the Indian Larry "Question Cross" on the singer stretched my ability, but I think they're OK.

The backdrop is a camping gas cylinder, in an attempt to make something vaguely industrial  / “gothic punk”. Well, a Dark Ages watchtower or half-timbered house wouldn’t work, would it? I think they put a whole new spin on “Guns’n’Roses”!


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