Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ECW Figure Size Comparison

There's always room for another miniature size comparison post, so here you go.

First, foot figures. From left to right, we have TAG, Perry Miniatures, Reiver Castings (painting incomplete), Warlord Games (plastic), Warlord Games (metal), Redoubt Enterprises and Renegade Miniatures. Basing is either a Renedra green square or 40 thou plastic card, with a piece of self-adhesive magnet beneath in all cases. No attempt has been made to correct for the thickness of the moulded bases on the figures. The scale at the back is set to 28 mm for comparison, and has a plastic card / magnet "shoe" underneath to correct for the figure basing.
 The foot

I did a quick calculation. The heights of the men in my team at work run from about 5'4" up to 6'2". If you take 6'2" as equivalent to 28mm, the lower figure gives you a miniature height to the eye of 24mm. We don't look that odd on a photograph, so why worry about it on the gaming table?

Now, mounted. From left to right we have TAG (x2),  Renegade Miniatures, Redoubt Enterprises and Warlord Games. I've set the scale to 40 mm (somewhat arbitrarily) for some sort of comparison.

The basing is a bit variable, although consistent within units. I've compensated with various shims (out of shot here), but again, no attempt has been made to account for the moulded bases.

The horse


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