Thursday, 8 November 2012

Saxon Great Hall, Part 3

The final part of the saga! You could be forgiven for thinking that there was an enormous amount of work went into this, based on the time it's taken to write. In fact the building, painting and whatnot was fairly quick,compared to the problems involved with supplies, computers and cameras!

Anyway, first thing was a layer of flock outside, muted down a bit with a burnt umber wash. 

Painting followed the usual scheme - lots of drybrushing in progressively lighter shades. I think it worked well enough.

A large chair (for the thegn) was put on a low dais at the doorless end, where the master and mistress of the hall would have sat. This were plastic card, scrap balsa and a bit of greenstuff. The rushes on the floor are sisal string held down with PVA. A wash of burnt umber followed by a drybrush of a light, dusty colour ties these in. You could add tapestries, and all sorts of other decorations but I limited myself to a shield on the wall for colour.

 Best seat in the house.

I added opened shutters on the windows, plus two doors closed, and one open. I felt it was easier to add these later on, to avoid them breaking off during construction. 

Not exactly double-glazing...

The final touch was some decorated panels over the lintels of the doors. These can be very colourful and decorative, making a nice accent. I drew these out, about four times the final size then shrunk them to fit on the computer.

How decorative!

Here it is, finished. Not perhaps the dwelling of royalty or even an eorlderman, but a building belonging to a successful thegn, and step up from the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of a used car salesman!

Who lives in a house like this?



  1. Perfect for a hall burning :)
    Great job, i want to rebuild one now!

  2. What a wonderful piece.
    The roof is really impressive. It gives a daunting impression.

  3. Thanks guys!Glad you like it. It was a long job, but well worth it!

  4. Good gravy that's a beautiful building! I've been digging through all of your modeling articles. Very inspiring! Love the archeological research you've dug up for the basis for these as well. Thanks so much for posting, lots of excellent work throughout your site :)

  5. Some lovely builds here - well done! May I suggest you make a list of your labels available so your blog becomes more navigable.


  6. Very good job !!!

    Best regards Michael

  7. Another excellent piece of work young man. :o)