Monday, 20 May 2013

Where am I?

The answer to which, of course, is...

"In the Village..."

Although this one doesn't quite resemble the one from The Prisoner (well, I'm sorry, but the idea of Picts, Britons and Saxons on penny farthings is just a step too far!), it might lead to some interesting situations all the same.

The three quick terrain pieces (granary, pig sty and barn) are here along with the sections of fence, and the two Sub-Roman houses I built way back.

 Where am I?

Another view, from a different direction.

Who are you?

And a third look, for good measure.

What do you want?

Merry meet again, or perhaps more appropriately in this case:

Be seeing you...


  1. Looking real nice! Much better then any of the resin buildings on the market out there! Great work!!!

  2. I agree - the layout looks really good.


  3. Very nice! But shouldn't one of the houses have a green dome? :-)

  4. Nice little village. Looks like it needs a good pillaging.

  5. WOW. Nice crafting mate, you normal great standard. Is there a house to rent cheap... lol :o)