Friday, 9 August 2013

Lack of Progress...

It's lovely planning holidays and having relatives visit, but it isn't making anything here progress!

Actually, it would be grossly unfair to blame either of those things for my inertia.

I'm part-way through the regular infantry for the British faction for Dux Brit, and well on with the final main element, the missile troops (in this case, slingers). Maybe if I hadn't decide to blow time building the first reinforcement units and concentrated on the core army I'd have got further!

Also not helping is a nearly unavoidable desire to make more non-historic figures to go with Nimue. I wonder if I could busk having Merlin as an alternative to one of my units of spearmen? Perhaps not...

The Sub-Roman church is nearly finished, but in typical Pareto analysis fashion, the last 10% looks like taking 90% of the time. And as for the Pictish curragh, well, best to not go there.

Merry Meet Again!

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