Thursday, 31 October 2013


True Gods, they sleep,
Locked in their mountain of dreams.
They wait for the call, for the hunger.
They must be freed,
Drive out the Christian seed.
Lay waste; bring the storm and the thunder!

If I was King for a day,
This land would burn in the mystical flames!
Born through the fire,
The Old Gods would reign!
If I was King for a day!

King For A Day, From "The Once and Future king, Part I" words and music by Gary Hughes

Another slight foray into the mystical side of Arthurian wargames, here is Merlin, or, if you prefer, Myrrdin. Although his advice to Arthur was invaluable, it's well worth remembering Merlin (or Myrrdin!) had an agenda of his own, and only helped Arthur because it suited his ends.

 I hate churches, me...

As such, he's another potential source of randomness or downright anarchy in a game of Dux Brit, along with Nimue, either together or separately.

This is a Harlequin Miniatures model from their Lord of the Rings Legends of the Realm range, designed to represent someone who might look a bit like Radagast the Brown. I bought it through Black Tree Design when they owned these moulds. They are nice figures, but I'm not sure if that part of the Harlequin range is on the market any more. This is unfortunate, as they really were lovely figures.

I altered him a little, changing the leggings and high boots for a long robe, and removed the top of the staff. On Gary Hughes's albums, Bob Catley, formerly of Magnum, takes the vocal role of Merlin. Add a beard and he's even more convincing!

Finally, here are Merlin and Nimue, together. If each one was trouble on their own, just imagine how messy things could get with BOTH of them meddling?

Here's trouble...

Think about the way you feel tonight,
Does the fire inside you still burn bright?
Find a way somehow to believe enough to fight,
Feel the cold caress of steel tonight.
Will you find the strength to face the light?
Did it take `till now to believe enough to fight?

I will return the gods to Britain!
This fire will burn,
I pledge my soul.
I will return the gods to Britain!
This tide will turn,
This ancient land.
Believe Enough To Fight, From "The Once and Future king, Part II" words and music by Gary Hughes

I will return the gods to Britain!

Merry meet again!

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  1. That Merlin conversion is very nice. I really like how you painted him as well.