Saturday, 23 November 2013

Let There Be Music!

These two stragglers from the last batch of painting should add a bit of flavour, by bringing some music to things. Bards, in one form or another, seem to have been a fixture of most cultures of this era, acting as propagandist, archivist and entertainer all in one. Some also seem to have been accomplished warriors too - think Taliesin in the Arthurian sagas.

The Pictish hornblower is a Gripping Beast sculpt, and a lovely one to work with. He will be equally at home as part of a hearthguard unit in Saga, as a Dux Brit noble or even as the master of any hound pack I build down the line. He can lead and rally, send orders or rouse morale. Smashing!

 But whiles then the horn fell to singing, a song of war eager. (Beowulf)

The harpist is a Black Tree mini. I got him as part of a large pack of Saxons, and frankly couldn't find anything to do with him. Dux Brit has rules for bards, and Saga has an add-on for the same. I added weapons to this fellow, sword and dagger, just to make him look less like a total boho who wandered onto the battlefield by accident. With a beard, bare legs and short cloak, this guy has obviously dipped into the fashions of Saxon, Briton and Pict to come up with his own unique look. Which also means he can be tagged onto any warband - handy!

There was the harp's voice, and clear song of shaper. (Beowulf)

Here's a rear view of both of them, looking out over the hills.

Both of these two have more than their fair share of vanity, with their gold jewellry and fancy decorated clothes, but they can bring a lot to any warband they attach themselves to.

Do you know Achilles' Last Stand? "It was an April morning when they told us we should go. As I turn to you, you smiled at me - how could we say no?"

Merry Meet Again!

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